Gaming Trend Alert: Augmented Reality Concept Fuses Technology with Traditional Board Games

Fantastic Worlds Come to Life on Your Tabletop

HOUSTON, TX - (June 2013) — As worldwide video game sales approach $100 billion annually, a resurgence in traditional board games over the past decade has opened the door to incorporating augmented reality (AR), a powerful tool capable of merging the two game types. Capitalizing on this growing trend, Nocturnal Media and internationally-known game designer, Stewart Wieck, announce the development of an augmented reality game prototype to be featured on, titled Darkling Plain, a fantasy board game that utilizes AR technology on smart devices such as iPhones to create stunning 3D graphics.


News & Updates

Nocturnal Media Launches Darkling Plain as a Kickstarter Project on Sunday June 30

We reveal our augmented reality board game in a Kickstarter project campaign that begins on Sunday June 30. The funding period runs until Monday August 5th. The initial project goal is $120,000 and exceptional support will lead to stretch goals to expand the scope of the game.

Darkling Plain Logo Unveiled

Darkling Plain LogoWe proudly unveil the logo for Darkling Plain, our upcoming augmented reality board game. Darkling Plain is the first new game product from the creative and technology teams at Nocturnal Media.

New Core Sourcebook Available for King Arthur Pendragon Roleplaying Game

Your estate is your home. Following the noble tradition, you create a glorious monument to yourself and your lineage for all time. Life is transient. Monuments are immortal.

Nocturnal Media Features Augmented Reality Technology

Nocturnal Media Announces that its first new game will feature the technology of augment reality.