Deck100 Proofs & Printed Product

We just updated our successful Kickstarter project for Deck100 with the above images. These show the original Deck100 both in in the proofing stage and as final but uncut card sheets at the printer in Hong Kong. Bang Wee has been an exceptional partner thus far and we anticipate smooth sailing and timely delivery of the final product at our Atlanta-area warehouse.

Deck100 is a deck of 105 cards that can replace the use of polyhedral dice for paper roleplaying games. Created by board game and RPG veterans, Deck100 smooths play while at the same time generating results that are more random than dice, which can often have flaws in production that bias the results of rolls. One-hundred of cards have dice results, four cards feature full images of the dragons that appear on the top of each of the 100 "dice" cards, and a 105th card presents to basic information about how to use and read the deck.

Those who missed our Kickstarter are able to pre-order the game through BackerKit.  Deck100 Original will be available in fine game stores later this year, while both Deck100 Original and Deck100 Indie Variant will also be available via PDF and print-on-demand at DTRPG.

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